How Home Staging Works

Home staging is a proven way to help buyers see the full potential of a home – and fall in love with it. Yes, we’re talking about creating the ‘WOW’ factor.

Properties that have been staged draw many more viewers than non-staged properties, sell faster and achieve higher sale prices. They may even spur a bidding war.

With home staging, you sell more than just a simple property. You sell an attractive lifestyle.

Potential buyers need to be able to easily visualise how amazing it will be to live in your home. And professional home staging with the right furnishings for the target audience achieves this much better than someone’s personal possessions.

Selling your home isn’t just about the number of beds and baths. It’s about feeling and emotion. Effective colour choices, strategic living space emphasis, suitable furniture, art selection, homewares and props – they all tell a story, one that speaks directly to your buyers and makes them want to live there.

Home Staging Sample

Here’s an example for you to understand what home staging can do for you:

A property owner with older-style furniture and a mismatched home décor wants to sell her home. The real estate agent values the home, as it is, at $475,000, but suggests home staging to increase the home’s appeal to potential buyers. The vendor books a free initial consultation with House of Attractions.

Our property stylist visits the property and comes up with creative ideas to make the most of the available space and improve the home’s presentation. The vendor pays $3,500 for a home staging package which includes delivery and clever placement of beautiful furniture, rugs, lamps and home décor pieces and 6 weeks rental of the entire inventory.

Amazing photos are taken for the marketing campaign, the online listing gets a huge number of views and the first open house draws over 50 parties. Several bids are made and the house is sold within four weeks, for as much as $505,000 i.e. $30,000 over the initial valuation of the property.

Bottom line – professional home staging is very likely to result in many more viewers, a shorter time on the housing market and ultimately in an increase in the sale price that will more than recoup your relatively small investment in staging.

Who are our services for?

We offer home staging to private property owners, builders and property developers in Melbourne. We style and furnish homes for resale or newly developed houses, helping our clients achieve maximum value from our services.

Are you a builder or developer? We work with you to turn new houses into sellable homes. We can elevate the market with our home styling, setting your homes apart through a single first impression. Options include base or full furnishing services.

House of Attractions offers on-trend home staging in close consultation with you
Home staging works by effectively styling your house for an easier sale

The home staging process explained

Step 1: Consultation (FREE)
First, we come to the property to view and evaluate all rooms and assign purpose to each space. We’ll work together with you to fill in the gaps with aspirations and desires, creating a home’s tangible potential. Our qualified property stylist will prepare a proposal and quote for the most suitable home staging package, taking into account important demographic research into the local area and target audience.

Step 2: Fitting
With our home staging packages, our fully qualified interior designers will discuss strategic presentation changes that will appeal to your ideal market and select suitable furnishings for your home. We handle everything from start to finish so you don’t have to worry about a thing. That includes preparing your home and placing custom-matched furniture and home décor pieces, and we can even arrange high-quality real estate photography if you require that service.

Our packages include a 6-week inventory rental period along with delivery, placement and removal of said inventory.

Step 3: Sell
Our home styling service creates more demand and achieves higher selling prices by placing more emphasis on the home’s potential and investment value. With us, you’ll be able to achieve faster sales, minimising your promotional period and any resulting costs.

Our services are explained in more detail on our property styling services page.